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From the tiny to the eye-wateringly massive, history is just stuffed with legendary penises.

woman with dick in Independence But how many of these tales are really true? We consulted historians, a comedy writer and even a Pulitzer Prize winner in our attempt to discover the truth behind these stories of the oversized, the severed, the diseased and the deformed. Strap yourself in for some quality journalism.

The Penis: The Story: Penis Myth Accuracy: Rasputin was assassinated inand much like Napoleon, his penis went on its woman with dick in Independence separate odyssey after his post-mortem.

After Rasputin was killed by angry nobles, eoman penis was allegedly discovered sans body by a maid, who preserved the inch monster for posterity. Reportedly, it was kept in a wooden casket and bits were broken off for disciples.

After her death inthe penis eventually turned up again inat which point it was discovered to actually be a sea cucumber. Well, we can assume the impotency thing is bullshit. But what about the rest of it?

According to Thomas A. According to Inddependence rumors, Hitler had: Minute by Minutewhich claimed he may have had both an undescended testicle and hypospadias.

Accounts vary, though: A battlefield medic was responsible for saying that Hitler lost a ball; his childhood doctor said he was woman with dick in Independence serbian dating websites a dickk doctor stated he had an undescended testicle; and a supposed Russian autopsy said a ball was missing.

Every one of these claims has been questioned by historians.

Napoleon Bonaparte, French witj and conquerer The Penis: Lyndon B. Rasputin, Russian holy man and mystic and an influential figure in pre-revolutionary Russia The Penis: