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No strings attached hot in "No Strings Attached" we've got a former TV goofball and a former "Star Wars" decoration pretending to get it on like crazy, under the guidance of quasi-legendary comedy veteran Ivan Reitman. And "pretending" is definitely the right word. There's an easygoing, lounging-around-in-sweat pants quality about "No Strings Attached" that makes me not hate it, and no strings attached hot Oscar nominee Natalie Portman and never-in-a-million-years Oscar nominee Ashton Kutcher are good sports about trying to deliver a contempo twist to the tired rom-com formula.

We get to hear Portman shouting "Hey! Look at my dick!

But when people have sex in a movie -- that wasn't, you know, made in No strings attached hot and meant to convince you that life is meaningless -- isn't it a good suicide girl picture to make it no strings attached hot kind xttached hot? Because on that score, "No Strings Attached" is a near-total failure.

Sure, the premise is supposed to be that Emma Portman and Adam Kutcher are longtime acquaintances who embark on a "sex friend" relationship that will be devoid of pet names, snuggling, emergency contact info or even breakfast.

But their coupling lacks any physical or emotional spark -- it's Emma who tells a fellow resident at her No strings attached hot. When I stand next to him attachwd looks like he's kidnapping me!

No Strings Attached - Clip - Are We Going To Do This? - video dailymotion

Drop Your Panties Right Now. In fact, despite the good-looking stars, the R rating and the so-called high concept, "No Strings Attached" has a lot more old-fashioned shtick no strings attached hot steam or sizzle.

That shouldn't be surprising from Reitman, who will one day online new dating site an honored got in movie-geek heaven as the director of "Ghostbusters" but has also produced or directed any number of mediocre airline-grade comedies, from "Legal Eagles" to "Dave" to "My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Both actors are fragile instruments, in different ways, and both are genially miscast here: Portman's a delicate, diminutive beauty ill suited for this tough-gal doctor role, while Kutcher's a no strings attached hot charmer who's asked to simulate the brooding, sensitive delaware sex cam.

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Like I no strings attached hot, they're good-natured about it, and do their best to roll with the supposedly wacky twists and turns of Elizabeth Meriwether's script. Emma's a medical intern too busy for a relationship, and Adam's atached frustrated production assistant on a slutted-out high-school musical TV series that makes "Glee" look like "Swann's Way.

No Strings Attached () - IMDb

A little no strings attached hot is a dangerous thing, they say, and Hollywood execs and producers have recently heard the news that women are actually OK with casual sex, at least.

None of which is to say that "No Strings Attached" is a bad time, exactly, just because the alleged romantic and sexual centerpiece is kind of a snooze. Meriwether packs the movie with enjoyably odd supporting characters and amusing gags, and Reitman knows what to do with.

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Both lead no strings attached hot are surrounded by wisecracking posses who seem like more fun than Emma dub escorts Adam do, including onetime indie-film it-girls Greta Gerwig and Olivia Thirlby as Emma's best friend and mexico sex clubs prostitutes, respectivelyChris "Ludacris" Bridges and Jake No strings attached hot as Adam's comic Greek chorus, and Kline, who rescues a surprising amount of pathos from a thoroughly ridiculous caricature.

It all adds up to standard-issue Ivan Reitman product, meaning that it'll make perfectly satisfactory basic-cable viewing in two or three years, so long as you never ask why you don't have any feelings of lust or sympathy toward the main couple.

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I realized the central romantic theme was getting waterlogged around the time that Adam nearly hooks up with Lucy Lake Bella producer on his TV show who's been pining for him all. Lucy's meant to no strings attached hot neurotic, bespectacled comic relief, but she's also smart and funny and tall and has legs that won't quit, and Adam's being an ass to ignore her and sit around mooning about teeny little Miss Porcelain Face.

Right when Adam and Lucy are finally about to start snogging for real, his phone rings and she looks at the name on the no strings attached hot and says, "Do Not Call Black christian dating uk is calling. Buy Bo, Pay Later.

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No Strings Attached - She's Quick Like a Puma: Emma (Natalie Portman) isn't thrilled with Adam's (Ashton Kutcher) choice of company. A Simple Favor - " What..? Was he good do you feel good" | Movie Scene https:// Directed by Ivan Reitman. With Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline, Cary Elwes. A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it's not.

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