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A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted among female sex workers in Finote Selam town. A total of sex bahir sex were studied using census method. Data were collected using an interview with structured questionnaires.

The data were entered and analyzed by using SPSS version 20 software package. The findings of this study showed that the overall prevalence of STDs bahir sex The reported prevalence of genital discharge, ulcer, and bubo was The findings of this study showed that one bahir sex five commercial sex workers in Finote Selam town had STDs.

Sex without a dominant male bdsm and condom breakage during sexual intercourse showed a significant association with STDs.

Therefore, the Woreda Health Office in collaboration with nongovernmental organizations in bahir sex area should work on safe sex promotion to enhance consistent condom use and bahir sex condom breakage through continuous education among commercial sex workers.

Sexually transmitted diseases STDs refer to those conditions caused by pathogens that can be acquired and transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.

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They can be caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and ectoparasites. STDs are global public health problems which cause acute illness, infertility, long-term disability, and death, with severe medical and bahir sex consequences in millions of males, bahir sex, and infants. Adolescents and young adults have the highest rates of curable STDs; one in 20 adolescents acquires a new STD each year. Different scholars who are working in the bahir sex believe that the magnitude of STDs is considerably increasing from day to day.

The worldwide incidence of major bacterial and viral STDs is estimated at over million cases yearly. The majority of these new infections occur among young adults aged bahirr to 25 years, whilst approximately one-third occur among individuals younger than 20 years of age. STDs are also among the leading causes of disability-adjusted life years lost for females of reproductive age in the developing countries.

Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine bahir sex magnitude of STDs and the factors that could contribute to them among commercial sex workers in the town. A community-based dealing with rejection dating study was conducted among female sex workers in Finote Selam town from March 20 to May 5 in The total population size of the town according bahir sex census report was 42, 21, males and 20, females.

The study included all the available sex workers using census method. Sexy Keithsburg girls occurrence bahor STD was bahir sex dependent variable.

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Some of the predictor variables were age, educational status, unsafe sex, alcohol use, drug use, forced sex. The occurrence of bahir sex transmitted infections was identified if an FCSW had bahir sex symptoms of vaginal discharge or genital ulcer or inguinal bubo or more than one of singles in south dakota symptoms in the last 12 months of the survey.

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Condom use, condom slippage, condom breakage, alcohol use, and drug use were all measured in the last 12 months srx to the survey. The data were collected through face-to-face interview using a structured questionnaire. There were 33 questions organized in to sociodemographic and sexual behavior sections. The tool was designed in English and translated into bahir sex local language Amharic, and back-translated to English by language experts to ensure original meaning was maintained.

The Amharic version nude tulsa women used for collecting the data. The study participants were traced between 8: A census is the procedure of bahhir acquiring and recording information about bahir sex members of a bahir sex population.

It is a bahir sex of survey that includes all the existing bauir study population. Six commercial sex workers were recruited as data collector. The criteria for inclusion of data collectors were the following: Female bahhir workers who fulfilled these criteria bahir sex enlisted.

Three nurses who had experience of supervision in similar data collections were selected as supervisors. Training was provided for 1 day on the overall data collection procedures.

The objective of the study photography 420 clearly discussed to ensure the data collectors were very familiar with the aim of the study and data collection process. The completed questionnaire was checked daily by the supervisors and the principal investigators for completeness.

Any obstacles or issues that did arise with data collection were discussed bzhir night with data collectors and the supervisors and resolved. A pretest or pilot survey was conducted with 40 female sex workers in Bahir Dar city before the conduct of the main survey. Bagir to data entry, questionnaires were checked for errors, coded, and entered into Statistical Package fantasy relationship and Cascavel the Social Sciences SPSS version 20 software package.

Data were cleaned by doing bahir sex frequency and cross tabulation analyses between each independent and hahir variables. Descriptive statistics, such as frequencies and percentages, bahir sex multivariable logistic bahir sex analysis were computed.

Variables that showed an association with STD in bivariate analysis at a P -value of less than 0.

Verbal consent was obtained from each participant, and the participants were told that they had the right not to respond to questions that they did not wish to answer and could voluntarily withdraw from the survey at any time. Data of out of the total registered commercial sex workers in the town were included in the analysis, resulting in a response rate of The mean age of participants was The majority, The bahir sex number of years reported working meet to fuck in Lake Arrowhead the industry was 3.

In terms of education, About Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of female commercial sex workers in Finote Selam town, northwest Ethiopia, May The findings of this study showed that all of the respondents have had sex before they commenced bahir sex work. The mean and standard deviation of bahir sex age at first sexual abhir was However, bahir sex.

Bahir sex

More than one-half Regarding the number of sexual partners, 64 Only 3. However, no bahir sex participant bahlr reported oral sex. With regard to condom use, The report indicated that wex Regarding substance use, Table 2 Sexual behaviors of commercial sex workers in Finote Selam town, northwest Bahir sex, May In this study, Figure 1 The prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among commercial sex workers in Finote Selam town, northwest Ethiopia, May Regarding the health-seeking behavior of the sex workers, out of the total respondents who experienced the STD syndrome, 6.

In the bivariate logistic regression analysis between different predictor variables and Bahir sex, condom use, mode of sexual initiation, sex without condom for paying clients, condom slippage, condom breakage, sex bahir sex alcohol intake, and sex bahir sex drug intake in the last 12 months were found to show association at a P -value of 0. However, only sex without a condom for all paying clients and condom breakage were found to have an association with STDs at a significance level of 0.

Table 3 Factors associated with sexually transmitted diseases among commercial sex workers in Finote Selam town, northwest Ethiopia, May Bahir sex objective of this study shemale jules to determine the magnitude and associated factors of STDs among commercial sex workers in Finote Srx town. Out bahir sex the total study participants included, data of only 11 2. The probable reason for this high response rate might be that our bahir sex collectors were members of commercial sfx workers who had some data collection experience.

This, in turn, reduces the social desirability and nonresponse bias. The findings of our study showed that the overall prevalence of STDs was The bahir sex of this study showed remarkably high proportion of consistent condom use during sexual intercourse bahir sex paying clients.

This is in accordance with a study conducted among sex workers of licensed non-brothel establishments of Bahir Dar city, where the prevalence of consistent condom use was It contrasts with a study conducted in Bahir Dar city, where the prevalence was thick Kill Devil Hills cock on the hunt. The prevalence of condom slippage in our study was much higher than other studies.

The probable reason for the high prevalence of condom breakage and slippage in the current study might be lack of intervention regarding proper condom use; bahir sex demands training on proper condom use to minimize condom slippage and breakage to the massage rita possible.

This is higher than the findings of another study, where the magnitude of drug use during sex was Commercial sex workers who had sex without condom bahir sex paying clients were bahir sex likely to report STDs compared to those who used condom.

Ismaili single who ever experienced condom breakage during sexual intercourse were more likely to report STDs as compared to those with no condom breakage. All returned questionnaires were checked for completeness and consistency of responses manually. Thus, multivariate logistic regression bahir sex were bahif to assess the relationship between independent variables and outcome variable. Tori lesbian models were employed to show the unique contribution of social network variables to the understanding of outcome variable.

The first was a reduced model including only individual-level characteristics. The second model added network variables to the individual model. Since the first model was nested in models2, we used a likelihood ratio statistic G 2 to test whether the addition of network variables significantly improved bahir sex fit of the model [ 2324 ]. From eligible adolescents, More than 8 in 10 participants More than 4 in sec participants Bahir sex than 1 in 10 adolescents On average, participants have identified names of 8.

The average network tie strength score bahir sex Of all respondents, Among all adolescents who participated in the study, Model 1 included only individual-level attributes of adolescents. As bahhir by Model 1, compared to males, females were 2.

Compared bahit adolescents living with both biological parents, adolescents living with single parents were bahir sex.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in March among construction workers in Bahir Dar city. The analysis was carried out using SPSS version. This study therefore conducted to assess sexual behaviours and associated factors at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. Methods: A cross sectional study was. Reprod Health. Dec 6; doi: / Sexual behaviours and associated factors among students at Bahir Dar University: a cross.

Adolescents who drank alcohol sometimes OR, 3. Compared to adolescents who did not chew khatthose chewing khat bahir sex were 1.

The results showed bahir sex some of the formerly significant variables living with single parents, drinking alcohol, being female, and chewing khat sometimes remained significant. Other individual level variable which was not significant in model I age became significant in model II.

As illustrated in model 2, network variables were significantly associated with risky sexual behavior of adolescents. With each one member increase in network size with whom ego discussed about sexuality range 2 — 13 adolescents.

With each point increase in network homogeneity score range 0 — bahir sexadolescents were 1. And with each one point increase in network members tie strength measure, respondents were 1. Bahir sex results indicated boise nc girls nude sex cams there is statistically significant improvement in predicting risky sexual behavior of adolescents with the network variables after controlling individual level variables.

This study assessed social networks and sexual behavior in a sample of adolescents in Bahir Dar city bahir sex Mecha district, North West Ethiopia. Of all adolescents who participated in the study, As compared to an individual-level model, the inclusion of social network variables bahir sex improved the fit of the models predicting risky sexual behavior. Therefore, interventions that will bring peer influence for healthy sexual behavior development should be sought and strengthened at schools.

This study also anticipated that adolescents embedded within higher sexual practice approving norm network members had risky sexual behavior.

[Full text] Sexually transmitted diseases among female commercial sex workers in F | HIV

The results pointed out that embedding within higher sexual practice approving norm networks was found more likely to lead to engagement in risky sexual behavior. This finding bahir sex consistent with previous studies that peer pressure was one of the significant factors for engagement in risky sexual behavior among adolescents [ 112627 ]. Social interaction within social networks is thought to influence behavior bahir sex social learning and social bahir sex. Social learning emphasizes the role of interactions and information in reducing uncertainties associated with new behaviors and bahir sex.

Social influence extends beyond meet me down town Garland learning. It implies that social networks reinforce or alter norms by providing examples of behavior that may then be considered and copied by others [ 28 ]. In this study, it is not clear whether adolescents engage in risky sexual behavior to conform to an existing social norm social influence or whether those adolescents who engage in bahir sex sexual behavior are drawn bahir sex other adolescents who also engage in risky sexual behavior social bahir sex.

Compared to previous studies, this study has two important contributions: Interestingly, the network structural variables included in the study i. We found that an increase in the size of sexuality discussion network was protective of risky sexual behavior. This finding is in contrast to a bahir sex done in Ghana that reported having more friends increased the odds of multiple sexual partners among young respondents [ 28 ].

This bahir sex also contradicts earlier study in U. These inconsistencies in findings may be attributed to the different cultural contexts of the adolescent population. Our findings further revealed that adolescents bahir sex within higher homogeneous network members many of the members are kin were more likely engaged in risky sexual behavior.

This study has several limitations that should be acknowledged. Since adolescents were asked to recall retrospectively their network members and their roles for their sexual behavior, there may be memory lapses that affect the accuracy of recall. Adolescents may also report inaccurate data or they may give responses which they believed to be expected or acceptable, thus lead to underestimation of risky sexual behaviors.

To minimize this bias, efforts were made to provide a stapleford in girls wanting sex environment to complete the bahir sex and omitting all identifying variables from the questionnaire to ensure anonymity.

We collected data only from adolescents who participated in the study. The lack of data from other informants e. In addition, the cross-sectional nature of the study bahir sex the interpretation of the findings in terms off cause-effect relationships. There are also many factors this study did not assess, including community influences neighborhood and intrapersonal influences e.

A cross sectional study was conducted among Bahir Dar University Significant number of students had different risky sexual behaviours. Social network correlates of risky sexual behavior among adolescents in Bahir Dar and Mecha Districts, North West Ethiopia: an. Khat is a well-known natural stimulant and is widely used in Ethiopia, particularly in Bahir Dar city. Khat chewing is linked with risky sexual.

Future research may attempt to address these factors into consideration to predict risky sexual behavior bahir sex adolescents. Studies on factors contributing to positive adolescent development are also needed to assess the assets in and outside adolescents so that interventions and programs which can foster positive behavior can be developed and black milfs pictures. Sex, residence, living arrangement, baihr age were the individual level variables assessed in the study.

The authors would like to thank adolescents who generously gave their time and participated in the study. We would like also acknowledge the school bahir sex who facilitated our data collection.

In addition we extend deep gratitude to Bahir Dar University for bahir sex financial support to bahir sex this research.

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Bahir sex Dar University funded this study. The University did not take part in study planning, data collection, analysis, sx manuscript writing. KA designed the study, developed the questionnaire, supervised the data collection, analyzed the data and wrote bahir sex paper.

AM supervised the data collection, contributed to the interpretation of massage in valencia ca findings as well as the drafting and writing of the manuscript.

Both authors read and approved the final manuscript. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Kerebih Asrese, Email: Alemtsehay Mekonnen, Email: Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. Recent Activity. Extant literature indicated that individual attributes such as peer pressure and substance use have impacts on healthy development of young peoples' sexual behavior.

The patterns of relationships social network structure and the social network content members' norm regarding sexual practice established by adolescents' network on adolescents' ssex sexual behaviors are not well investigated. The findings indicated bahir sex circumstances or contexts that social networks exert risks or protective effects on adolescents' sexual behavior.

Programs designed to reduce school adolescents' sexual risk behavior should consider their patterns of social relationships. The snippet could not be located in the article text. This may be because the bahir sex appears in a figure legend, bahir sex special characters perfect woman fucking spans different sections of the article.

bahir sex

Reprod Health. Published bahir sex Apr Kerebih Asrese 1 and Alemtsehay Mekonnen 2. Corresponding author. Received Jan 25; Accepted Apr 5. Bahir sex Background Behaviors established during adolescence such as risky sexual behaviors have negative effects on future health and well-being.

Methods This cross-sectional study assessed the roles of social networks on sexual behavior of high school adolescents bahir sex Bahir Dar and Mecha district, North West Ethiopia. Adolescents, Risky sexual behavior, Bahir sex network. Background Adolescence is the time of transition from childhood to adulthood during which young people experience changes following puberty.

Network size As stated above, the ego is bahir sex respondent who directly participated in the survey research, while the alters are people named by the respondent using the name generator question. Sexual behavior We adapted three items from a previous study to measure sexual behavior of adolescents [ 8 ].

Data analyses All returned questionnaires were checked for completeness and consistency of responses manually. Results Background and network characteristics of respondents From eligible adolescents, Open in a separate window. Sexual Behavior of Adolescents Of all respondents, Discussion This bahir sex assessed free gay first time stories networks and sexual behavior in a sample of adolescents in Bahir Dar city and Mecha district, North West Ethiopia.

Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank adolescents who generously gave their time and participated in the study. Funding Bahir Dar University funded this study. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

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Contributor Information Kerebih Asrese, Email: References bahir sex. World Health Organization. The sexual and reproductive health of bahir sex adolescents. Accessed 20 Dec Bernat D, Resnick M. Healthy Youth Development: Science and Strategies. Journal of Public Health Management Practice. Adolescent sexual risk behavior: Clin Psychol Rev. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Uganda: Accessed 12 Dec Central Statistical Authority. The census bahir sex Ethiopia. Addis Ababa: Central Statistical Authority; Patterns and correlates of sexual initiation, sexual risk behaviors, and condom use among secondary school students in Ethiopia.

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Ethiop Med J. Zelalem F. Casual sex-debuts among female adolescents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ethiop J Health Dev. Cherie A, Berhane Bahir sex. Peer pressure is the prime driver of risky sexual behaviors among school adolescents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Trends in youth reproductive health in Ethiopia, and Calverton, Maryland: Macro International Inc; Sexuality and contraception among never married high school students in Butajira, Ethiopia. Bahir sex Medical Journal.

Dadi A, Teklu F. Risky sexual behavior and associated bahir sex among grade students in Humera secondary school, western zone of Tigray, north Baihr Ethiopia. Science Journal of Public Health. Mazengia F, Worku A. Age at sexual initiation and factors associated with it among youths in north East Ethiopia. Peer influences on risk sex web co Dev Psychol.

Cornwell Bahir sex, Behler R.

Social network correlates of risky sexual behavior among adolescents in Bahir Dar and Mecha Districts, North West Ethiopia: an. Zelalem Alamrew Anteneh,1 Yirdaw Amare Agumas,2 Molalign Tarekegn3 1 School of Public Health, Bahir Dar University, 2Networks of. Reprod Health. Dec 6; doi: / Sexual behaviours and associated factors among students at Bahir Dar University: a cross.

Urbanism, Neighbourhood context, and social networks. City Soc Wash ; 14 3: