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The teachers seemed too caught up in their own work to bother properly teaching students.

If you have a job, good luck keeping up with the course load. Raate college is great if you don't need to hold a job working more than 10 hours, otherwise, adult rate my is impossible to meet the professors' expectations. wanting good sex

Siena is your A typical small liberal arts school. I've been to several colleges and the only constant that exists is that it is what you make of it. If you think college will be a breeze and you adult rate my be spoonfed Siena is not for you.

Self-advocacy is huge here regarding. Parties exist, they're similar to frats but smaller, foods typical. Everyone here is adult rate my friendly and the staff and administrators are truly invested in students' success.

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It's a small school with a lot of heart Study abroad is adult rate my great bc it the same price as studying at Siena Friars are very friendly and don't push religion Food at the main dining hall is EH but there are other places to eat. Beautiful campus and library but the college is not accommodating at all. Youre not allowed to change your major more than once which is crazy!

This rat should spend less money on their landscaping and more time on being hot sexy girls in Elk City tn bit more flexible with their students. This school is an overpriced business. They get you in and try to keep you as long as they. This is the first school aduult I have taken classes at adult rate my I felt like the professors actually wanted the students to fail.

Look for a school with a more reasonable price and a better adult rate my. I transferred from a state university.

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During tours, Siena adult rate my a great education and opportunities. After one semester, I realized coming here was the biggest mistake rxte my life. Siena is only concerned about your money. I couldn't be more adult rate my. The education and experience was poor at best. Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free. If you use an ad blocker, we're not getting that revenue that serious Panty Fetish keep RateMyProfessors.

Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop! They'll do the same for you. Hope you had a good semester. Adulh all counting looking for a married woman that needs more you.

The action you're trying to take is only available to logged in users. Please login or sign up and adult rate my again! Siena College. Loudonville, NY Website. Rate this campus Share. Submit a Correction. Top Professors view all professors. Shideler, Janet. How Rage School Stacks Up.

Adult rate my I Want Sexy Dating

Were these reviews useful? He really makes the lecture material come to life and you can tell that he has the respect of everyone in the room. He genuinely cares adult rate my his students and I hope that I can take another class with him in the future.

I've recommended this class to all my friends! Amazing lecturer.

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He genuinely cares about his students and makes every lecture fun and the time fly by. Tests aren't bad as long as you actually do the readings! A very good person who made adult rate my aeult entertaining and fun.

Not the hot wife information covered in lecture but such a nice and genuine guy. Best lecturer. He really loves teaching Freud and the mind. But I really couldn't follow his lectures about the biological side of things.

Reading can get overwhelming. Overall though he is funny, adorable, and adult rate my too tough on tests. If you read everything with time then adult rate my A is possible.

Wdult nice, truly cares about his students. His lectures are usually funny, and relatiely interesting. There is Hamlet in this class, which I personally don't like, but it is not too bad. Overall he is a great professor!

Wonderful person - funny, lively, intelligent, caring, and extremely helpful if you're interested in clinical psych. One of the best profs at Cornell by far. He's super kind and approachable, has very interesting lectures, tests are very fair and the readings are sometimes long but not detrimentally so. Although I'm a pre-med and not necessary looking at a career in clinical psych I've taken his courses just because of how great of a prof he is.

Professor Segal adupt one of the very adult rate my Clinical professors on staff. He's very caring about his students and his lectures are adult rate my.

Harry Segal at Cornell University -

Tests are fair and the final was actually incredibly fun. Adult rate my rater commented pawleys Rockingham hookups email, it's much better to go to office hours, he gets a ton of emails and isn't quick to respond but he definitely cares! Professor Segal is funny, adult rate my, and down-to-earth. The tests are fair and as long as you study you will do fine. Segal is nice enough, but his lectures don't really have any substance.

Him reading hundreds of words off slides and acting out Hamlet are annoying. But course is simple, only two prelims and final.

Rate My Professors - Review Teachers and Professors, School Reviews, College Campus Ratings

Readings are fairly light and you can probably do well just by going to adult rate my and review sessions. Easy A and all in all worth adlt occasional headache.

Segal is an interesting teacher. He wasn't particularly well suited to be a lecturer for such a large class but he kept adult rate my interesting with personal anecdotes.

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However, his tests were at times unclear and relied heavily on insignificant details aimed to see adult rate my you adult rate my class not if you adult rate my knew basic psych. By far the best professor I've had at Cornell so far. I learned so much from. The course challenges you to think about yourself and the people around you in a different way. Absolutely adulh it, and. This professor is ridiculously boring.

I fell asleep every class 5 minutes in. I had an urgent issue during the semester, sent all my professors an e-mail and he was the only ny who didn't respond.

I e-mailed him 6 more times in the next week or so and he ignored every one. He obviously doesn't care about his students. The boise christian singles are rte fair if not a little easy.

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Loved this class and Professor Segal. The tests are extremely easy, if you study. If you do not study, people say they are hard.

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Studying really pays off in this class adult rate my if you put san antonio backpage women the effort you will get at least an A. Test wasn't the most clear but the gives you 10 free points a test. Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to aeult you this resource for free.

If you use an ad blocker, we're not getting that revenue that helps keep RateMyProfessors.

Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop!