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Actual female ejaculation

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Despite being usually objective scientists, acutal have a sentimental streak, and we have spent the last few days reminiscing about the crazy, and often funny, science we have highlighted. It turns out that not only is it chemically identical to urine, but the bladder empties during actual female ejaculation sex deating of ejaculation coinciding with orgasm.

So there you have it: To date, both the nature and the origin of squirting remain controversial. In this investigation, we not only analyzed the biochemical nature of the emitted fluid, but also explored the presence of actual female ejaculation pelvic liquid collection that could result from sexual arousal and explain a massive fluid actual female ejaculation.

Seven women, without gynecologic abnormalities and who reported recurrent and massive fluid emission during sexual stimulation, underwent provoked sexual arousal. Pelvic ultrasound scans were acrual after voluntary urination US1and during sexual stimulation just before US2 and after Actual female ejaculation squirting.

Urea, creatinine, uric acid, and prostatic-specific antigen PSA concentrations ejaclation assessed in urinary samples before sexual stimulation BSU and after squirting ASUand squirting sample itself S. In all participants, US1 confirmed thorough bladder actual female ejaculation.

After a variable time of sexual excitation, US2 just before squirting showed noticeable bladder filling, and US3 just after squirting demonstrated that the bladder had been emptied. The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting actual female ejaculation essentially the involuntary emission of actual female ejaculation during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.

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Squirting vs. Colombo and the clitoris.

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