What Not To Do With Your Hair Before A Special Occasion

Hair Before A Special Occasion

Learn why doing certain things to your hair can interfere with your attempts to look your best on a special occasion.

The days prior to a special occasion can have tremendous amount of preparation involved such that you forget all about your hair. Though you may know what to do with your hair before a special occasion, you may not be so conversant with what you should not do.

For instance, it’s advisable to show your hair stylist pictures so that he or she can recreate the look on you. However, it’s not advisable to expect that the end result will look exactly like what you see in the pictures.

What you see in the picture is the work of a different person and while it may look so good, it’s important to remember that no two pair of hands can produce the exact same look.

Hair stylists are artists, meaning that if you become too rigid about wanting an exact look, you stifle the hair stylists ability to be imaginative and creative.

To avoid limiting your hair stylist, show him or her several pictures of what you like or don’t like and leave it at that.

You have to be careful with your timings for when you do your hair. Don’t wash your hair the day before the occasion as it will be harder to style. At best, wash your hair at least one or two days prior to the occasion. This also goes for hair styling as well.

Hair Before A Special

If you want to get human hair extensions fixed for your occasion, do this a few days earlier to avoid pulling when styling.

Freshly done hair is very difficult to work with and will not hold well in an up do as hair that was done a few weeks prior. So under no circumstances, should you wait until the last minute to do your hair.

Coloring your hair at the last minute is also inadvisable. The latest you should plan for hair coloring is at least one week to the occasion.

This is especially so if the occasion you are preparing for is a wedding. Brides tend to be overly critical because they are trying to look their very best.

Coloring your hair days earlier makes you get used to your new look so that you don’t criticize it on your big day. Just like hair coloring, don’t get a haircut just before your special day, especially if you have never worn the same cut before.

New hair styles take time to get used to, therefore take sufficient time to get used to your hair style. Lastly, one thing you must absolutely not do is DIY hair styling.

Whether it’s for a wedding, a black tie event or a prom, DIY hair styles never look good because you are working under stress and because you can only see your head from the front.

To avoid having to go the DIY route, save up enough money, buy your products such as hair extensions Perth well in advance, and also book an appointment in advance.


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