5 Tips to Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamonds

An oval cut diamond is a round diamond and has a pear shape cutting. The cut is magnificent and has 58 facets forming a round brilliant. The facets give the oval cut a sparkle.

Oval cut diamonds have an effect of making the fingers look elongated hence appearing slender and long. Here are tips to guide you when choosing an oval cut diamond.

Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond - 5 Ultimate Tips

The symmetry of the Oval Cut

The symmetry of the cut is crucial. The sides of the diamond should have neatly rounded edges and equal sides that slope equally towards the end. If you are considering changing your diamond to an oval cut diamond, a high amount of skill is required to achieve the perfect shape.

The Length to Width Ratio

Length to width ratio affects the whole shape of the diamond. The size of its length or width will depend on your preference. Additionally, you should consider the setting to be placed.

The best ratio of the cut should be 1.40 to 1.50. If the diamond is less than 1.40, it will have a wide appearance while anything over 1.50 will appear long and narrow.

Look out for a Bow-tie

An oval cut diamond may seem to have a darkened area that cuts across the diamond at the center. If you twist it and see the dark area avoid it like a plaque. The bow-tie appears due to a poor cut or facets that are not aligned hence interfering with the sparkle of the diamond.

Right Set and style

Oval cut diamonds do not have pointed edges; therefore, it is not as vulnerable as other cuts. A prong setting gives the oval shape the best look. The setting is advisable because it allows a maximum amount of light to reflect on the diamond.

There is a variety of prongs ranging from 4 prongs, six prongs, and eight prongs. The higher the number prongs, the higher the security and shape. You should also know that high numbers of prongs reduce the visibility of the diamond.

Carat Weight

A diamonds are weighed in metrics of carats. One carat of diamond is equal to 0.2 grams. You should consider an oval cut that weighs ½ ct, ¾ ct or 1 ct. Although they are difficult to distinguish visually, a heavy carat can have an equal diameter to that of a smaller carat.


Oval cut diamonds are magnificent. You should ensure that you have inspected your diamond closely before making the purchase. Ask questions to the salespeople to clarify anything you have doubts about. Consider the well-known vendors with high-quality diamonds when buying. With the tips above, you will get satisfaction on the purchase.


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