5 Free Ways To Promote Your Business On Linkedin

September 7, 2017

The great thing about the Internet and technology is the ability to promote your business online. Not only will you be able to reach millions of Internet users, but you'll also get them hooked to the products or services you have to offer.

With the huge population of people who use the Internet, you will surely have at least a few hundred checking your website with the right marketing strategies.

You are also able to market your business with the help of LinkedIn, a popular networking website for businesses and companies worldwide.

There are a lot of ways you can take advantage of LinkedIn to get your business growing, and what’s great is that it's all for free! In this article, we show you 5free ways to promote your business on LinkedIn.

Promote Your Business On LinkedIn - 5 Easy Way

1. Create your LinkedIn account from their official website. Make sure that your company profile and biography is interesting and eye-catching. It should pique interest and have people want to visit your website! Fill up the form and submit all your requirements, as visitors would want all the details.

2. Like mentioned, details are important. But with that being said, don't let it be too long. Keep it short and sweet. Make it too long, and visitors would get bored and become uninterested.

3. Keep posting and show media rather than just words. Add photos of your products and videos of your services.

4. Keep sharing your profile on social media. Create press releases and begin blogging to share what you have to offer.

5. ​Always make sure that you keep updated and if you have any inquiries, that you answer as soon as possible with great customer service.

​So what are you waiting for? Check LinkedIn's official website and start putting your company out there with these tips!


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