Privacy Policy

We take pride in prioritizing your privacy. Good Tips For You makes sure that your account and visit is made secure and free of malware or hacks from third party apps. The personal information we receive from you upon signing up will be fully secure and safe. Rest assured that we will not sell or give away any information we receive from you.

Cookies and Log Files

As per Adsense, you have the right to know that the ads you see on our page use cookies in order to track the number of visitors that come upon the website. The data collected is taken by your log files, which include the IP address, browser you use, the time you visited, as well as the web history you have associated with our website.

Again, we use cookies in order to make your visit personalized. This is in order to know what you like and to post what you want to see during your next visit. You may find a pop up, but that is only once, so do not worry about the influx of advertisements!

Do not be worried about the information we get using cookies, as they won't be released for the public. You will be able to disable cookies through your browser's settings, or to use programs that will help you have secure online browsing. But, this may end up with a change of how you can view or log in certain websites.


When contacting or logging into our website, you will be prompted to type in your e-mail address. We will NOT use this as a way to spam, nor will we post this to the public.


Comments are welcome, in fact we encourage them! But we have the right to delete comments if they are considered as spam, or if they are considered offensive.


There are no copyright infringements and we make sure that we post original content. If you feel like there has been violation, then it's best to contact us.This is the privacy section